11 secret menu items you can get at Disneyland


In-N-Out has a secret menu (as do all of these fast food joints), so why not Disneyland, I suppose.

Both the Magic Kingdom and California Adventure offer up 11 different items that won’t find on the menu. Here they are:

1Mac-n-Chili Bread Bowl – Main Street Refreshment Corner

Mac & chilli cheese bowl is the only love I need. #disneysecretmenu

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3Ice Cream Nachos with choice o f ice cream and topping on a bed of Crispitos – The Golden Horseshoe

Ice cream nachos from Golden Horseshoe yum! #disneyside #disneygram #disneyland #yum #disneyfood #secretmenu

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5Malibu Mocha Smoothie – Schmoozie’s

6Mac-n-Cheese Bread Bowl – Pacific Wharf Café

7Galactic Burger “Alien Style” – Galactic Grill

8Fantasia Ice Cream Whoopie Pie Sandwich – Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor

9Corn Chip Chili Cheese Pie with Jalapeños – the “Fire”-Fly, Main Street Refreshment Corner

10Main Street “Floats” – Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor


11Neapolitan Shake – Flo’s V8 Café

Neapolitan shake ???? #flosv8cafe #bomb #myfavoriteflavors

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Have you tried any of these?  Let us know about it in the comments!  And be sure to check out some of our Disneyland tips here.