A super sketchy looking website appears to have scammed a bunch of would-be Coachella goers

As Coachella always sells out incredibly fast, those who aren’t lucky enough to grab tickets but want to get into the fest have to resort to buying tickets from a reseller. And while websites like StubHub, Seat Geek, and Vivid Seats have made the online resell market seem less sketchy, there are still a bunch of shady spots on the Internet looking to take advantage.

Sadly, over 50 people fell victim to an online scam this weekend and didn’t get a chance to see Beyonce’s amazing performance, reports KESQ:

A company called “HTDTixx” has scammed over 50 people, charging some of them $2,500 for nonexistent three-day passes to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The ruse was simple and set up like a standard ticket site; a customer would make their purchase, then get information on where to pick up said pass, in this case, Fantasy Springs Resort in Indio.

But when the pass purchasers show up, there are no tickets waiting for them.

That’s a bummer.

To avoid getting scammed, you can check out this guide from Consumerist and this one from US News and World Report.  For this particular site, the “About Us” section has no information other than the text, “No forwarding set for htdtixx.com” – which should make any would-be buyer very suspicious.

There are several tips but the bottom line is to take your time and do your research on who, exactly, you are buying from.