Al Roker’s Forecast Calls for Palm Springs to Freeze on Saturday


Today Show weatherman Al Roker is on a quest to break the record for longest weather forecast (yes, there is a record for that for some reason).

During his 36 hour marathon, Roker is checking in with NBC affiliates from all over the country (yay for sweeps month) – including our own KMIR 6 13 20 whatever channel they are on now.

But the big news was not the marathon, rather the forecast Roker had for The Palm Springs area…

roker forecast

Saturday’s high will only be 40 degrees – and the low will be 21!!! Seems likely. Luckily, things look like they get back to normal on Sunday.

Maybe Al should get some rest.

UPDATE: Roker was back an hour later. He mentioned a “graphics problem” then went on with a forecast that was even more of a mess.

KMIR News | Palm Springs, California