America Rallies Behind Man Forced to Walk 21 Miles a Day for His Job

Hel James Get a Car
Commuting to your job sucks. But guaranteed, James Robertson’s commute is worse than yours.

Robertson, a 56-year-old from Detroit, walks a total of 21 miles to and from work each day. He begins his day at 8am and does not arrive at his job until 12:30pm. When his workday ends at 10pm, he travels home – and arrives at 4am the next day. Robertson walks over 4,000 miles each year.

Robertson is forced to walk because the Detroit’s bus system stinks and does not travel to his area. He has been walking since 2005, when his 1988 Honda Accord broke down on him.

When Robertson had his story go viral on Sunday, a go fund me page was set up to buy him a new car. So far, over $70,000 has been raised on the page and one local car dealership offered to give Robertson a 2014 Chevrolet Cruz or Sonic.