An Applebee’s bartender claims Dollaritas are basically all water


October is Dollarita month at Applebee’s – which means you can grab yourself a margarita for just a buck at the restaurant chain. Now this probably won’t suprise you, but someone claiming to work at an Applebee’s posted a Snap story that shows the drink is almost completely made of water.

Here is the video in its Instagram form:

Late night confession from an @applebees bartender. #dollarita #applebees

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As Foodbeast notes, the video shows that the Dollarita is comprised of 1 part cheap tequila, 1 part margarita mix, and 3 parts water.  The anonymous bartender says that their Applebee’s makes 12 gallons just like this every day.

But, on the bright side, all that water should help keep you hydrated.

Applebee’s sent a statement to Fox News claiming this is not how the Dollarita is supposed to be made.

“We have not been able to confirm that this is an Applebee’s bartender, and the person in this video did not follow the proper preparation instructions for the Dollarita,” the spokesman said.  He told the Fox News that  the proper recipe for the Dollarita includes one-part tequila and three-parts margarita mix, and it is to be served on the rocks.

“Despite not knowing whether or not this video was valid, we reached out immediately to our franchisees to reiterate the correct approach to making our margarita that is being offered in restaurants nationwide for $1 as our Neighborhood Appreciation Drink,” the statement said.