Avocados could disappear from stores in less than a month if Trump closes border

Donald Trump’s threat to shutdown the US-Mexico border could cause the United States to run out of avocados in just a few weeks.

Steve Barnard, the CEO of Mission Produce, told Reuters that if Trump does actually shut down the border, it would only take about three weeks for the US to run out of avocados as Mexico supplies nearly all of the ones available in the United States this time of year.

He added that avocados from California, Florida, and Peru are only just starting to show up in stores and will pick up over the summer.

In addition to avocados, the majority of imported tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries and raspberries come from Mexico and my tequila drinkers out there might want to start thinking about switching to whiskey if this all goes down and, uh oh, this could all be happening during Cinco de Mayo, people.

Trump has declared his intent to close the border despite nearly all experts warning that the move would be terrible for the economies of both the US and Mexico. He will be in Calexico on Friday.