Beer Sold at Chargers Games is 3rd Most Expensive in NFL


Sure you want to go to Qualcomm and root on Philip Rivers and the boys, but can you afford it?

Yes, just as long as you plan on having 80% of your beers while tailgaiting first as a beer inside the stadium will cost you a whopping nine bucks – which is tied with The Bears, Saints, and Redskins for 3rd highest priced in The NFL.

If you plan on going up to Oakland this year to catch a game, be sure to bring plenty of coin.  The Raiders have the most expensive beers – sold for $10.75 a piece!  The Rams have the cheapest beers in the league, with beers costing $4.50 – but then The Rams started Austin Davis at quarterback last week so their fans have to have some reason to come out to the game.

Here is a chart assembled by Business Insider with the price of a beer at every NFL stadium:

Beer NFL Stadiums