Brätworks is now open at the Westfield Palm Desert mall

Hey guys, you can now drink a beer in the food court of the Westfield Mall in Palm Desert! You can also scarf down a tasty gourmet hot dog with your brew. Man, the times they are a-changin’. And that’s a good thing.

Brätworks opened up this week in the food court of the mall, next to McDonald’s. Unlike other food court options, Brätworks is not just a walk up joint. Sure, you order at a register, but they also have a comfy lounge, complete with TVs, where you can enjoy your meal. Oh, they also have SELF-SERVE BEER! More on that in a bit.

The Menu

The menu is comprised of gourmet hotdogs, bräts, wings, sides, and salads. According to their website, Brätworks bakes their bread fresh daily and you can top your dog our burger with anything from their toppings bar. I opted for a brat and it was pretty tasty. Sure, it was not the greatest hot dog I have ever had, but it was far from the worst – and for the food court, yeah, this place has shot right to the top of the best options there.

Beer, brat, and my wristband thingee that allows you to pour beer

As for the beer. When you order, you give them your ID and a credit card and they give you a glass and a wristband that activates one of their five tap handles.

Yup, that’s beer next to the soda machine

Each handle has a screen on top of it with info on the beer and directions on how to use the tap. Once you activate, you pour your beer and pay by the ounce – with each brew being priced differently. I had a Ballast Point Sculpin for 43.8 cents per ounce – which ended up being a bit over six bucks for a big glass when I checked out after my meal. Not bad at all.

Yup, it’s now open

All-in-all, this place is pretty cool and a nice change of pace for the mall – which, over the past year has become more known for evil spirits and these awful things.   Hopefully, more stuff like this is on the way. If so, who knows, maybe we will all do less shopping on Amazon next year.

Pro Tip: McDonald’s, which is next door, has free Wi-Fi – so if you have someone in your life that is taking way too long to pick out a new bra or cordless drill, just head over to this place, grab a brew, and do whatever it is you do online – which should always start with reading Cactus Hugs – or just spend some time people watching from your comfy seat.

(H/T Ryan)

This story came about after a news tip from an awesome Cactus Hugs reader, be awesome like they are and let us know when you see something newsworthy in the Desert.