You can watch Trump and Hillary debate on the big screen in Palm Springs


The 2nd Presidential debate takes place on Sunday night and, if for some reason should you wish to see Hillary and Trump’s mugs on a giant screen, you will be able to watch it live in a movie theater.

Regal Cinemas is streaming the debate to cinemas all across America, including the Regal Palm Springs Stadium 9 at 6 pm.

Admission is free, according to Deadline and anyone who goes will also get a free small soda with a popcorn purchase…just try not to choke on either of them when the candidates start saying crazy shit and making up lies.

“While our auditoriums feature the likes of Batman V. Superman or Alien vs. Predator, we are excited to offer voters a chance to watch Clinton vs. Trump as they go head to head on the big screen,” Steve Bunnell, Chief Content and Programming Officer at Regal Entertainment Group said in a statement. “As we continue to look at ways to bring alternative content to our screens, we invite you to come cheer and jeer the candidates at Regal this Sunday.”

Sounds like a blast.