Desert Sun Readers Detect Conspiracy in Plastic Bag Ban

via Flickr / Alex / CC
via Flickr / Alex / CC
via Flickr / Alex / CC

Tuesday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law the first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at grocery and convenience stores. Immediately, people lost their shit.

Look closely though and you will see some interesting comments from people on The Desert Sun’s Facebook thread on the story (below). They include:

Oh goodie now we can start paying for paper bags from the grocery stores? Another big win for the Super Store Chains!  Not so much for the consumers ..

So the government is providing free reusable bags? Or we still need to pay for those on too of the insane taxes and fees we already have??….

I think this is going to be a hardship for billions of people…The bagger do not want to touch the Gross reusable bags, people but weird stuff in them. This is going to cause a cross contamination issue….watch and see!!!

Riddle me this, Batman… How is wasting more water and energy washing reusable bags better??

Yes, clearly this was an attempt by WalMart, The Government and Batman to make innocent taxpayers (“insane” taxes btw) use more water and spend a whole dime to carry home their 8 tubs of mayonnaise they just bought – all while baggers catch the ebola virus from  contaminated reusable bags.  Watch and see!!!

Just another great job of detective work on Facebook!