The Desert’s Congressional Race is Already Getting Very Stupid

Politicians being politicians (i.e. awful), this week the two men running for congress to represent The Coachella Valley squared off in a fight over (of course) nonsense. Not the kind of yard-sign nonsense that Palm Springs TV gets weeklong boners for – but still, nonsense.
It all started when Assemblyman Brian Nestande (R) criticized the man he is trying to unseat to represent California’s 36th District, Congressman Raul Ruiz (D), for missing a congressional vote on Friday on emergency spending for the ongoing immigration crisis.  Nestande’s campaign called the missed vote a “run for cover” strategy that “did not go unnoticed”.

Nestande’s campaign manager added: “Apparently electoral self-preservation is top of Ruiz’s mind.”

At the time, Ruiz’s chief-of-staff, Kyle Layman, told The Desert Sun that Ruiz flew back to The Desert Thursday night for a family emergency. Then yesterday, Ruiz fired back in a statement to The Desert Sun:

“Really, Assemblyman Nestande? I fully support your right to accompany your wife and children to their doctor without having to tell the public about their treatment,” ”

He then added “Family is the most important thing in the world to me. It is certainly more important than the type of political games that Brian Nestande and the (National Republican Congressional Committee) are playing. It’s sad to learn that they don’t feel the same way. Does a congressman’s family have a right to privacy when it comes to their medical treatment? Not according to Assemblyman Brian Nestande and his supporters at the National Republican Congressional Committee”

Great…only 3 more months of this.