Duncan Hunter proclaims Trump’s wall will protect us from submarines and aircraft carriers

Duncan Hunter, the disgraced vaping Congressman running for office while simultaneously fighting charges of campaign finance violations, held a campaign event in Ramona on Monday night where he shared thoughts on “the Deep State” and a “coup” being attempted by the Justice Department, among other bizarre charges, according to the Times of San Diego. But it was his thoughts on Trump’s planned border wall that, umm, well…

Hunter, 41, depicted the promised wall as a national security issue.

“The border wall is about our safety, literally,” he said, noting the presence of nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers “parked in the bay” 10 miles from Mexico.

“And let me tell you. If a family with kids can sneak right across the border, then a trained Palestinian terrorist can definitely get across the border,” he said. Same for a “trained Pakistani terrorist.”

If such terrorists speak Spanish and look Hispanic, “they’re here,” he said, thus backing a border wall he called a “generational change.”

He didn’t elaborate on how a wall would stop those nuclear subs or aircraft taking off from a carrier (how high is this wall going to be?), nor did he mention where trained Pakastani terrorists are taking their kids to learn to speak perfect, fluent Spanish.

It really is worth your time to read the entire recap (here) as Hunter, somehow, still leads in the polls because these are the strangest of times.