Elderly Woman Freaks Out So Cal Neighborhood with Her Creepy Dolls

A neighborhood in San Clemente has been on alert over the past few days after porcelain dolls were mysteriously left in front of their homes that resembled their young daughters. Creepy dolls like these:

Creepy Dolls

This act naturally had parents freaking the fuck out, so The Orange County Sheriiff got involved. KTLA had the details:

“Families in each of the homes where porcelain dolls were left voiced concern that the dolls resembled their daughters,” the Sheriff’s Department stated in a news release.

Up to 11 dolls were left in front of the girls’ homes, Hallock said. He initially said four dolls had been placed in front of homes, then revised that figure to eight and then 11.

No notes or threatening messages were attached to the dolls, which Hallock called “creepy or very unusual.”

Luckily last night, investigators located the person responsible – who turned out to be an elderly lady who wanted to give presents to the girls in the neighborhood. I guess ringing a doorbell would have been to hard.