Frontier plane catches fire after landing in Palm Springs

A Frontier Airlines plane caught after landing in Palm Springs Friday evening.

Natalie Tysdal, a Colorado TV news anchor, shared an image of the flames that broke out on flight 712, which arrived from Denver.

Tysdal told her TV station that passengers were rushed off the plane as crews arrived to put out the flames.

Frontier Airlines sent a statement about the flight to Denver’s Channel 2:

“After flight 712 from Denver to Palm Springs arrived at the gate this evening, as the engines were being shut down, a small amount of fuel was expelled from the tail section of an engine and the fuel caught fire. The fire department responded and the flames were quickly extinguished. There were 184 passengers and six crew members on board the plane. Everyone deplaned safely using the regular jet bridge. As a result, outbound flight 1434 from Palm Springs to Chicago, which would have used the same aircraft, has been cancelled. Passengers are being given refunds or being rebooked on the first available flights including on other airlines, and they are also receiving vouchers for future travel on Frontier. We would like to thank the Palm Springs Fire Department for its fast response and we apologize to our passengers. Safety is the top priority at Frontier, the aircraft, an A320 NEO, has been taken out of service and we are investigating.”