Valentine’s Day is almost here and while many will once again resort to plopping down way to much cash on all those overpriced flowers and jewelry, there is another gift option that shows how much you care about that special someone in your life and survives much longer than those pricey flowers that will be in the trash a week later.

LoveBook allows you to tell a customized story to your loved one. You get to customize all of it – from creating the look of the characters in the book to the story that is told to, well, everything.


Creating your book is easy.  You just create an account on the LoveBook site.  Then you choose a cover and a title for your book from some pretty cool templates.  From there, you make the characters look like you and your loved one and then choose from tons of pages to include in your book – with the option to customize them all.

The customization is very cool.  I got one of these for my wife and she loved that the pages included our pets, items from our home, and the types of inside jokes that couples have with only each other.  The number of pages you include is totally up to you.


Your book is professionally printed, looks great, is bound to last a lifetime, and is shipped right to your home.  It’s a cool and unique gift that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or Christmas and it is definitely the type of gift that shows you put a little thought into it, which your loved one will surely appreciate.

Books start at just $40 – which compared to a dozen long stem roses delivered is a hell of a deal – and you can get 10% off on your LoveBook and learn more by clicking here.

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