Cathedral City man arrested for knocking driver out in road rage incident

(Palm Springs Police)
(Palm Springs Police)
(Palm Springs Police)

Police have released details about the arrest of a Cathedral City man who they say knocked out another driver with a metal object in a road rage incident that took place on June 30th in Palm Springs.

According the cops, a BMW pulled in front of another vehicle about 10 am. Both drivers then swerved around each other in anger, until the victim pulled into a parking lot on E. Tahquitz Canyon Drive.

The suspect, Harvey Seno Lozada, exited his car with a “long metal object”, according to police, and then yelled at the victim before striking them in the head. The victim then was knocked out by the blow and was left lying unconscious by Lozada who then drove away.

Detectives identified Lozada from a cell phone left at the scene pictures of the vehicle they found during the investigation.

Lozada, 48, was arrested by PSPD Detectives on July 7th and charged with aggravated mayhem and assault with a deadly weapon.

There were no details about any injuries sustained by the victim.

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