Kanye’s Coachella Sunday Service | Here’s what it was like

Like thousands of others, I am up early on a Sunday morning to go to Coachella’ Sunday Service with Kanye West. Here’s an updating post of what it’s like (you can also find the live stream at the bottom of the post).  This post is updating so refresh or come back every so often.  Happy Easter.

I got to the Palm Desert shuttle stop about 6:30 am to find 20 cranky people.

Within 20 minutes our chariot, a school bus, arrived to take us on the least fired-up ride to Coachella I have ever been on.

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Once inside, it’s crowded but oddly quiet.

They are leading us to the camping area towards the setup.

And here we are.

A quick note: for some reason security won’t let you in with an empty refillable water bottle – so, yeah, I’m pretty pissed that I had to leave my brand new one behind, Kanye.

So anyway, there is a gigantic line for the merch tent.

Yes, there’s a merch tent.

And it’s selling this

Update 8:40: So the setup has a focal point on a hill overlooking a grass field. Not gonna guess how many people are here, but there’s plenty of room.

A group of musicians has been jamming for about 10 minutes – I guess to warm up. I am at Coachella 8:40 am. Life is bizarre.

Update 8:45: still pissed about the water bottle.

Updated 8:50: lots of room if anyone is still thinking of coming or for a certain bunny to hide some eggs.

Also the cell coverage has started to suck and images aren’t uploading anymore. Hope you like words from here on out on this page.

Update 8:55: Soooo many people are buying shirts, it’s insane. The line for merch continues to stretch as far as the eye can see.

I’ve seen quite a few people buy shirts and immediately exit, so I guess you can check eBay in a few minutes, if you want one.

Update 9:00: there are no monitors for the crowd which is a bummer.

But, there are plenty of what appears to be reality show crew members filming people near the stage because someone has to keep us up with these Kardashians!!!!

Update 9:05: Looks like things are starting late. I’m also getting thirsty because, you know, no water bottle.

Update 9:08: Steve Garvey is here.

Update 9:10: There are so many people “backstage.” I think you and me were the only “family and friends” not invited.

Update 9:10: Here we go!

Update 9:13: Organ music is playing and it appears a choir of about 200 people are headed to the “stage”. Because of course, cell service is getting pretty bad. Might be a bit before another update.

Update 10:37: and we’re baaaaack!

So, things started out soooooo sloooooooow. I felt like I was stuck on the Haunted Mansion with the same organ music looping over and over and over.

Thankfully, once the choir returned, things picked up and the crowd started to get into it because this choir is really good.

Update 10:40: those long sleeve sweatshirts are…you ready for this?…$165!

Update 10:43: I’m told the livestream is ummm different. I can’t watch, so feel free to explain this in the comments.

Update 10:47: no empty water bottles, but feel free to bring your giant jars of cheese puffs.

Update 10:56: Seeing large swaths of folks starting to clear out for what I am sure are going to be amazing naps before coming back to the fest later.

Update 10:59: $$$

Update 11:09: Kanye is crying

Update 11:18: “Jesus Walks” time and I am all for it.

Update 11:21: Just saw the livestream fish lens thing and now I feel like I should’ve watched everything out here with one eye closed or a telescope or something.

Update: 11:27: Some nice staff are handing out free bottled water, which is nice.

Update 11:33: The Sunday Service will end at some point, yes?

Update 11:36: Guess they saw my last update and things are wrapping up.

Final update: Well, that was wild.  It was definitely something you have never seen at Coachella before.  The choir was pretty amazing.  Kanye was basically invisible to those of us on-site – as he was impossible to see.

In the end, some found Jesus, Kanye found a way to sell expensive merchandise, and I will never find my water bottle again.

Have a great Easter, everyone.

Watch the stream:

More updates to come.