Lithuania’s Got Talent Knife Thrower Does Not Have Actual Knife Throwing Talent

Sure you know that America’s Got Talent, but did you know that other countries do too? Well, some of them do. But one that might not is Lithuania – which can be seen in this terrifying clip from “Lithuania’s Got Talent”.

And sure, this clip is bizarrely more entertaining than watching Howie Mandel judge a juggler, but Lithuana may want to screen their contestants a bit better – as this “knife thrower” is not very good at, well, throwing knives.

The person who uploaded the clip to YouTube breaks down the highlights (a.k.a. lowlights):

1.17 – slightly cuts a finger.
1.30 – almost hits another one.
3.15 – 1-2cm from death
4.45 – trying to clean blood with shoe

Lithuana Got Talent