Local Group Claims Palm Springs Vacation Renters Killed a Man with Noise


A so-called “grass roots” organization has popped up in Palm Springs with a website and yard signs to take on vacation renters in the city.  The group called “Protect Our Neighborhoods” also has received a whopping 5 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page which features rants about vacation renters and pictures of ugly signs (could a “Protect Our Neighborhoods From Ugly Yard Signs” group be next?):

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But it is on the group’s website where you learn just how devastating vacation rentals are for Palm Springs residents. Testimonials are posted anonymously (because, of course) and you can clearly see just how awful those renting out vacation homes are.

There are the vacationers who imprison locals:

The frustration of not being able to enjoy your home because your quiet is drowned out by partying, loud crude language, and music that blasts all hours of the day and late at night. We have become prisoners in our own home and can no longer enjoy a quiet swim in the pool or dinner on the patio with friends.

Those locals who find themselves unwittingly next door to an-all male football / cursing / pool party:

We lived on a quiet street for many years until one of my neighbors bought a home next door and quickly turned it into a vacation rental. My wife and I didn’t think it was going to be a problem until we came home from a weekend trip to find a football game blocking our street. We heard loud music and obscene shouting coming from the rental so we looked over the hedge and saw about 20 young men in the pool.

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And then there are those vacation renters who literally killed a resident with their partying:

Two houses across the street were rented by the same agent, and sometimes to the same huge party, which resulted in an amazing amount of foot traffic. There are several other rental houses in the immediate vicinity that have created big problems for its neighbors and led to many late night calls to the hotline. Sadly, one fifty-two year old resident who moved to Palm Springs for health reasons stopped using his therapeutic hot tub on weekends because the noise was counterproductive to his quest for peace and quiet. Sadly, he recently passed way.

Are you happy vacation renters?  You just killed someone!  How can anyone be expected to go on a quest for peace with you around spending your time and money in our city?

Of course anonymous postings like this from the elderly, entitled set are totally believable.  All vacation renters should, obviously, be outlawed immediately – along with all outdoor noise and from now on: no more than 4 men in a pool at a time.

The “Protect Our Neighborhoods” webpage does have a link where you can tell your own story.  Feel free to share your completely not-made-up horror story here.

(image via Facebook)