Palm Desert gives City Mgr., who reportedly showed naked photos of employee, nearly $300k

Palm Desert

As you may already know, Palm Desert is the worst. But, Thursday it became official.

The Palm Desert City Council unanimously approved a severance package of nearly $300,000 for already grossly overpaid City Manager John Wohlmuth, who resigned after reportedly showing naked photos of a city employee to other city officials, reports The Desert Sun.

“Our residents can trust that this council moved forward in the most efficient way possible,” Mayor Bob Spiegel, a person who should never be elected again, said on Thursday.

Another person who should never be reelected, Councilman Sabby Jonathan, had this to say to the Desert Sun:

“I believe that people that have those concerns, if they were sitting in the room with us, had the facts that we did and listened to the advice and guidance of professionals that we received, many of them … if not most, would arrive at the same conclusion that we did. But it is so frustrating because we can’t explain ourselves. And the appearance is one thing, but the reality in this case is another,” Jonathan said.

“I can honestly tell you that I believe that the council made a decision that represents the best option, all things considered,” Jonathan said. “This is absolutely a bitter pill to swallow, but sometimes to get healthy we have to swallow that bitter pill.

Yeah sure.  Whatever.  Just STFU, man.

Palm Desert is, by far, the worst – and you made it that way Sabby Jonathon – and to hell with your “bitter pill” bullshit.  You people are supposed to lead and you tried to hide all of this from us.   The current city council is the worst.

As a tax paying resident of the city, I would have been happier paying $400,000 in legal fees than $300,000 to this guy, if indeed he did what he did.

The true bitter pill is the city council  – who did not take a stand for the residents of the city and, instead, sided with one of their rich cronies.  They forgot that they actually work for us, the citizens of the city, and went against our best interests and wishes.  They gave few details about the situation and treated us throughout this ordeal as if we were children incapable of understanding what was going on.

We will remember their names come election time.

Palm Desert deserves better.