Poll: Should Smoking Be Banned in Casinos?

The Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas had a surprise protest outside its doors on Tuesday: casino employees seeking a smoke free environment.

As seemingly every other business in America has gone non-smoking, casinos throughout the U.S. still remain pungent, hazy, and gross. And now casino employees want it to end.

Picketers are tired of smoke in their faces and they are tired of gaming executives placing profits over employees’ health, reports The Las Vegas Sun.  And it is not just limited to card dealers, cocktail waitresses, and other casino staff. Stephanie Stephens, a gambler, told The las Vegas Sun, “The reality is most gamblers don’t smoke…smoking has become a thing of the past.”

The protest did not receive much support, but the picketers say they will continue to push for a ban in smoking in casinos.

And while this protest was in Vegas, smoking is allowed in every Coachella Valley casino – and here is guessing plenty of employees feel the same way.

So what do you think? Should smoking be allowed in casinos or should casinos go smoke free?