PSP had more passengers than ever in 2018, could’ve had more if they added a Vegas flight

The city of Palm Springs announced that more travelers than ever before went through Palm Springs International Airport in 2018 – which was also the same year the city council finally decided to catch up with the rest of the country and allow Lyft and Uber to pick you up at the curb (Coincidence? Probably not).

In a press release, the city announced that a total 2,327,018 visitors flew in and out of PSP in 2018, which was more than the previous record of 2,100,072 in 2017. That means a little under 6,400 passengers went through the airport, on average, each day (yes, math nerds, I know that some travel days are busier than others).

And while more use of the airport is certainly a good thing, just imagine how many more people would use the airport if flights went to more places you wanted to go like Las Vegas, Sin City, or Vegas.