Rancho Mirage Resident May be Terrorizing Renters at Country Club


A Rancho Mirage neighborhood has a problem. No, not noise or young people – the same city that last year had a “WWE wrestling brawl” erupt at The Springs Country Club now has a problem at another club: vandalism. KESQ reports:

A closer look at a car parked in front of one of the homes at the Sunrise Country Club, shows marks from someone keying it, all up and down the sides. Sheriff’s deputies say someone vandalized the car and a truck parked in front of the home.

Having your car messed with sucks and it is surprising for many of the residents in this neighborhood, as they live in a gated community – and those gates are supposed to keep criminals out. But there is only one problem:

[Resident Jay Conley] thinks the person who did it, lives inside the gates of the country club. “We have only what I can describe as a nutcase in the community who’s willing to vandalize vehicles,” said Conley.

Or in other words…

call inside

And of course, this being Rancho Mirage, it is all happening because of entitled assholes:

He believes the couple was being targeted, because they’re renting the home, unlike many others in the community. He also says tensions rose because of something residents often complain about when it comes to renters, parking. “Some of the neighbors had issues with folks parking along side the street rather than parking in the driveway, something fairly minor,” said Conley.

Terrorizing renters in your own neighborhood over parking.  Just another example of how maybe, just maybe those walls are there to keep the bad people inside the country clubs and away from the rest of us.

(image via By TigerPaw2154 at en.wikipedia [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons)