Robbie Knievel Went to the ER After His Stunt Saturday Night in Palm Springs


Daredevil Robbie Knievel ended up in the hospital this weekend after a hard crash at the end of his stunt at Spa Resort Casino in Palm Springs, according the director of a film crew filming a documentary about him.

Kneivel successfully jumped over 30 golf carts Saturday night – but, as seen in the video below, does not have enough room to slow down – so he puts his bike on its side and crashes into hay bales, rocks, and a tree.

After laying on the ground for several minutes, Knievel gets up and the crowd cheers him on.

Several hours later, Jesse James Miller, a director filming the documentary “Chasing Evel” about Knievel, tweeted from the waiting area at the hospital:

Miller wrote that they were concerned about internal injuries and back fractures. In an Instagram post, Miller also mentions concerns over a possible concussion.

But, according to a tweet Sunday morning, Knievel received an MRI and checked out okay:

Glad to see he is alright.