Some jerk robbed a San Bernardino survivor’s home while she attended memorial

Victorville man robs San Bernardino survivors home

Victorville man robs San Bernardino survivors home

Police are asking for help finding a man who they believe robbed the home of a woman who survived Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino while she attended a memorial to honor the 14 people who lost their lives in the massacre.

Natassa Torralbo’s home in Victorville was empty as she and her daughter Kayla Gaskill were attending a vigil in honor of the victims in San Bernardino Friday night.

Surveillance video captured a man who allegedly stole a handgun, mailbox keys and two sentimental pieces of jewelry Torralbo had received from her mother and late friend who died of breast cancer.

“On the way back my grandmother gave me a call and said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this but your mother’s house has been broken into,'” Gaskill told ABC 7.

Torralbo was too distraught to talk to the media, and while her daughter understands that the robber probably did not know about their ties to the San Bernardino shootings, it is still a violation.

“Coming home to someone who would do such a thing, and I know that person probably didn’t know [about the massacre] but it still doesn’t make it right,” Gaskill told CBS 2.

Anyone with info on the suspect is asked to call the Victorville Sheriff’s Department at (760) 956-5001.