Rancho Mirage High ‘senior prank’ includes flipped golf carts, drawing of swastika


Being a high school senior is a rad time. There is Disneyland Grad night, prom, graduation, and – best of all – working a full-time job has not yet crushed your soul. For some, the last year in high school involves some sort of a prank – a funny gag that seniors think will become a thing of legend, but that everyone will actually forget about in a a couple of days. Well, unless that “prank” is a possible hate crime.

About 40 students were involved in vandalizing the campus on April 19 at Rancho Mirage High School.. The students reportedly threw toilet paper over trees (kinda funny / typical senior prank), drawing obscenities (way less funny / not a typical senior prank), and turning school golf carts on their sides (not at all funny / possible criminal activity).

There was also the matter of someone writing “white power” and a swastika on a door of the school – wait.  WHAT?!?


Some are even saying it is a high school senior prank gone wrong. “It’s very disrespectful and I don’t appreciate it at all,” Rancho Mirage High School student Sirena Munoz said. The so-called senior prank happened overnight near the baseball field where there are no surveillance cameras. While some students involved have been stripped of their senior privileges and activities like the senior prom, those responsible for drawing the swastika have not been caught and no suspensions have been issued.

Okay, first maybe KMIR should hold back on the info as to where there are no surveillance cameras.  Second, there is nothing funny about drawing a hate symbol.

“They probably thought it was funny, but it wasn’t funny at all…doing what they did, to other people it can be very hurtful,” student Jose Rojas told the TV station.

The school has since held lessons and discussions with students on hate symbols and, Thursday night, a meeting was held with parents to voice their concerns.