The Bob Hope Palm Springs House | Everything you need to know

One of the most famous homes in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley is the huge, spaceship looking estate that once belonged to comedy icon Bob Hope and his wife Delores Hope. Here is everything you need to know about the iconic desert home.

Where is the Bob Hope House in Palm Springs?

The Bob Hope Palm Springs house is located at 2466 Southridge Drive in the Araby Cove area in the hills above the city of Palm Springs.

When was it built?

Construction of the home began in 1979 and the south Palm Springs estate was completed in 1980.  Once finished, the home served as a second home for Bob and Delores Hope.  It was designed by renowned Modernist architect John Lautner, who served as an apprentice  for Frank Lloyd Wright during the mid 1930s.

The house was built following a fire that completely destroyed another home that was being built by the Hopes in 1973.  At the time, the fire was estimated to have caused $3 million in damage.

Can I see the house?

Well, it’s in a gated community (and there are some scary signs too!) and they don’t really do tours or anything, so not up close.  But, you can get a really good glimpse at the place by heading out on the Araby Hike – a moderate 4-mile loop hike that goes right next to the property (you can see the hike on that map just above in this post as it’s the dotted line next to the property).

If it’s just the property you are interested in, you can just skip the second half of the hike up the mountain, though you will miss out on some rad views high above Palm Springs.

What is the Bob Hope Palm Springs house like?

Well, first off, it’s pretty damn big. The place sits on 6.2 acres on a hill overlooking the floor of the western Coachella Valley. The residence is 23,366 square feet and includes 10, yes 10!, bedrooms plus 13 full or partial bathrooms. The desert is not really known for its cold temperatures, but the place still has a fireplace in the master bedroom and another fireplace in the great room.

The outside of the house has a swimming pool, a large pavilion (with another fireplace), and a tennis court. The pool has a mural by Malibu Getty muralist Garth Benton – with another mural by Benton also inside the house.

Didn’t I hear something about the house being for sale?

You did!  And it’s a bummer that you didn’t have the $13 million to buy it.  The sale price ended up being far less than the original asking price of $50 million.

This info is great and all, but I really just want to see the darn house!

No problem.  Check out this cool drone video that ends with still shots from inside the Bob Hope Palm Springs estate:

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