The Palm Springs airport might get a $50 million car rental facility…yet still no flights to Vegas

The Palm Springs International Airport, a favorite amongst snow birds and…ummm…yeah just snow birds…is looking at upgrading its car rental facility for the jaw-dropping cost of $30 to $50 million, reports the Desert Sun.

Palm Springs International Airport may be close to building a $30 million to $50 million rental car facility, according to a city staff report.

The Palm Springs City Council could approve on Wednesday evening an item that will allow a consultant to start the preliminary design for the project. The value of the deal will not exceed $1.5 million, according to the city.

Discussions about upgrading the rental car facilities aren’t new. In October 2015, the council approved a master plan update that included a recommendation to reconfigure the rental lot.

The new facility will house the rental cars as well as maintenance and storage for the vehicles.

The city says that the facility’s design and construction would be paid for with a facility fee on rental car charges, which is currently $10. If that remains unchanged, and assuming the facility costs the maximum amount (which these sorts of things usually do), it would only take 5 million car rentals out of Palm Springs Airport to pay for it. And, hey, while that might seem high, there were 235,000 rentals out of PSP last year – so, yeah, only 23 years to pay for it baby!

And who knows, 23 years from now, there might even be flights for non-snow birds out of the Palm Springs airport (Vegas anyone?) – although, at that point, it might just be all self-driving or flying cars or whatever and the whole rental car facility could already be obsolete.