Victorville Woman Allegedly Used Fake Photos to Claim McDonald’s Coffee Burns

By: Adam Rugel
By: Adam Rugel

Everyone has heard the legend of the woman who spilled hot coffee on herself and was awarded in the neighborhood of 437 trillion dollars from McDonald’s. The legend has grown over the years (even though the facts of the case have been completely misunderstood by the public) and some have now, unfortunately, concluded from the legend that lawsuits are their only way to get ahead.

Selena Edwards of Victorville filed a lawsuit against The Golden Arches claiming that her coffee handed to her at the drive-thru was not secured properly. The coffee then spilled on her hand and left her with second-degree burns.

As court cases call for evidence and proof and stuff, Edwards submitted photos of her burns – but detectives discovered the pictures were actually not from hot coffee and were instead copied from a hospital website.

Edwards was taken into custody and now faces 21 felony counts of insurance and workers’ compensation fraud.