Zelda’s Nightclub might be forced to close by the city of Palm Springs

(Instagram / Zelda's)

Zelda’s Nightclub in Palm Springs may soon be shutdown by the city after failing to comply with security plans, reports the Desert Sun.

The nightclub installed security cameras as part of its operating agreement when it opened in 2012, but officials with the Palm Springs Police Department say that there have been times when the cameras were not working and they have not received security footage related to multiple incidents – including a stabbing, multiple assaults, and a fatal shooting in the parking lot in January.

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After the shooting, PSPD sent a letter to the city asking for it to consider revoking Zelda’s permit.

“The pattern of inoperable surveillance cameras has been repeated too often to be considered a coincidence and, despite the fact these issues have been brought to the attention of Zelda’s management, they remain unresolved,” Captain Melissa Desmarais wrote the letter.

(Instagram / Zelda’s)

A public hearing will be held Wednesday.  Officials will consider revoking or modifying the conditional use permit of Zelda’s.

City staff has already recommended that the council revoke the permit and close down the nightclub.