Zobo and Meester’s, the Cathedral City eatery known for having a great Cubano sandwich and a gigantic burrito challenge, now has a food challenge involving the biggest damn salad you have ever seen.

Named the El Jefe Salad Challenge, to go along with the El Jefe burrito challenge, this bowl comes with 7+lbs of lettuce, spinach, fresh vegetables, and shredded cheese. You also get your choice of 16 ounces of the dressing of your choice: ranch, blue cheese, sweet vinaigrette, Greek, Thai peanut, or our zesty orange vinaigrette.

If you are not into cheese, they will take it out – but they will put in more veggies.  But, no matter how you choose to take your big salad, they ask you to call 30 minutes in advance.

If you eat the $30 salad in an hour or less, you get it for free plus a $100 gift card to Zobo & Meester’s.

Good luck!

Zobo & Meester’s, 68703 Perez Rd., Cathedral City, (760) 832-6104