10 Important Questions Regarding Palm Springs City Hall Reopening

ps city hall

Palm Springs City Hall is back in business Wednesday, just one day after the FBI raided the place. And while there are many questions regarding the search (the biggest being: what were they looking for?), there are also 10 seriously important questions that need to be answered by city employees today:

1. Is everything accounted for in the break room fridge?  (Maybe the FBI guys got hungry?)

2. Does it feel super weird that FBI people might have been touching your stuff?

3. Did any of the agents accidentally leave behind one of their cool (and unnecessary) vests?

4. Anything strange in your search history from yesterday?

5. Did the FBI team leave any practical jokes for you guys to find today?

6. Did you at least steal some office supplies on your way out the door yesterday (cuz really, who would suspect you at this point?)

7. Are politicians still lurking around outside in hopes of free press?

8. Are you kind of hoping the feds have to come back so you get another surprise day off?

9. Did they take the bar?  The whole fucking bar?

10. Is any conversation in the building about the Mayor super awkward or just regular awkward now?

I thank all city employees in advance for taking the time to answer these questions in the comments below.