5 more local TV people who should definitely run for Congress?

(Screengrabs: KMIR / CBS)

The past week has seen two people announce their Congressional bids to unseat Democrat Raul Ruiz to represent California’s 36th Congressional District. Former TV anchor Dan Ball joined soap star Kimblerlin Brown Pelzer in the Republican field when he announced he is running Monday.  Does simply being on TV make you a good representative of the people of Greater Palm Springs? Who knows.  But since it appears everyone on TV is jumping in the race, why not a few more? 

Here are five people from television I would like to see join the race:

The Jerk on the Clark’s Nutrition Commercial

Washington is full of assholes – so he should fit right in.  He also likes to tell women what to do with their bodies, which will do well in the GOP Primary.

I-10 Toyota Man

Not sure how he would vote on the issues, but he wouldn’t be taking a bunch of expensive flights on the voters’ dime, which would be nice.

These Morons

Okay, these two are not technically on TV because they are on a weird, dumb marketing video for Palm Springs.  They seem to have no grasp of reality, which should make them fit in well in DC.

Rit Mathis


Okay.  I am pretty sure he doesn’t live here – though that isn’t necessarily an issue in this race  – and the only reason I have him on the list is because his commercial comes on at the same damn time every morning and I’m thinking that maybe this gets the local TV guys to put someone else on in that time slot.

Joe Galli

Who knows more about healthcare than a reporter who has literally been inside a colon?  No one.  That’s who.

Did I leave anyone out? Let’s discuss in the comments.