6 things La Quinta residents can do while the Ironman Triathlon shuts down all the roads


The Ironman Triathlon is back in La Quinta this Sunday, for some reason – and, while city officials will proudly slap themselves on the back if the event is even 10% less of a clusterfuck than the mess it was last year, it still means plenty of road closures and confusion for those who live in or do business in the area. Here are six things to consider doing on Sunday to keep your frustration level as low as possible.

1) Go watch the event

I mean, sure, you could head outside just about anytime and see someone jog or ride a bike on your street. But, this time it’s people competing in an Ironman Triathlon so, there’s that.

2) Watch The Irishman

It’s tough setting aside 3.5 hours to watch a movie. Luckily, the city of La Quinta has set that time aside for you to do your Netflix watching this Sunday morning by closing down your nearby roads.

3) Walk to a nearby business

There are a lot of local businesses worried that all the confusion and closures will lead to a bad day of sales, so, if you can, walk to a nearby one and do some shopping, grab some food, or, hell, just do some day drinking at one of the fine La Quinta drinking establishments.

4) Don’t have an emergency

Will emergency vehicles be able to get around okay during the event? We won’t know until Sunday, but you might want to stay away from sharp objects, ladders, and the power tools just in case.

5) Watch football

Okay, you can do this any weekend, but this weekend you kind of have to because you can’t get to Lowes to get those items you need to complete your chores, amirite?

6) Hibernate

If ever there was a day for sleeping in, it will be this Sunday.  Tell everyone to leave you alone and to wake you up when the Ironman ends.

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