Beaumont: so, ummm, where is that $43 million?


Beaumont Sign

Tuesday saw the arrests of seven former Beaumont city officials – including the City Manager and Police Chief – on charges of embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, conspiracy and conflict of interest. According to the D.A., the seven misappropriated $43 million in public money over two decades. So where is the money?

Here are some guesses:

  • The cash is buried somewhere (Pablo Escobar-style)
  • 8.6 million orders of lavender cheesecake 
  • Used it all up to buy maybe 3 pans at the Le Creuset store at the Cabazon Outlets
  • They spent it all at Banning’s all-you-can-eat KFC
  • Bought every adult who attended the Cherry Festival 100 rounds of beer
  • Lost it all on slots at the Morongo gas station…no, not in the casino…the super-fun slots inside the gas station
  • Spent it all to bring Kenny Rogers to town

These are the only possible explanations – well, unless you have one.  Go ahead and leave yours in the comments below.

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