What is the best thing in the Coachella Valley? We built a March Madness tournament to find out

Best Thing in the Desert

Voting for this round is over. Head over here to vote in the next round.

March Madness is here!  This, of course, means that you can spend your workday filling out brackets and watching basketball instead of doing actual work.  It also means that we can vote on other stuff using brackets too, like finding out what the best thing in The Coachella Valley is.

We have taken everything from Coachella Fest to snowbirds to Barry Manilow and put them up against one another in a quest to determine what is the greatest thing in the Desert.

There are sixty four entries in four regions, found below: Events, People, Places, and Other.  Voting is on now.

The entry with the most votes from now through Wednesday will move onto the next round which will appear in a separate post beginning on Thursday.

Remember, the objective here is to find the greatest thing in the Coachella Valley.  Let the voting begin!

Events Region

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People Region

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Places Region

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Other Region

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