CA Dentist Tries to Burn Down Competing Dentist’s Offices: Cops

dentist tried to burn

A Ventura County dentist attempted to corner the market on dentistry in his town – by burning the offices of competing dentists to the ground.

Leopold Weinstein, who practices under his trademarked named Dr. Leo, was arrested Friday on three counts of arson of a structure, three counts of attempted arson of a structure and possession of a silencer.

Authorities began investigating Dr. Leo after 2 different dentist offices in Camarillo appeared to be targeted by an arsonist in June 2014. The first building was found to have flammable liquids on the roof and the second was actually set on fire.

A witness took a photo of Weinstein’s vehicle which was spotted in the area of the second arson. Cops then discovered the same vehicle was in the area of the first arson attempt as well.

Wednesday, was captured on a surveillance cam trying to, once again, set fire to the first building.

Weinstein was booked into county jail. He is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

The buildings that were Dr. Leo’s targets sustained minimal damage and remain open.