California’s Growers Are “Nearly Out of Weed”



Sure it is pretty easy to get your medical marijuana card in California, you know because of your glaucoma.

But, the best California-grown weed may not be waiting for you in your local dispensary – and why?  Because it is being smuggled into Colorado and Washington – where voters were smart & sensible and made smoking weed recreationally legal.

And because of this, you may soon be without your “glaucoma medicine”.

Motherboard reports that most growers in California’s famous “Emerald Triangle” marijuana-growing region are “illegally diverting their product” to recreational markets in Colorado and Washington.  So much is being diverted, that growers in the area are “nearly out of weed,” according to Tim Blake, who runs the region’s annual cannabis contest, the Emerald Cup.

Out of weed!  Looks like there are going to be plenty of road trips this fall to Colorado…