Cindy Crawford might have slept next door to you last night

Supermodel Cindy Crawford is in Palm Springs and, for all you know, might have gone to sleep in a bed right next door to you last night:

Getting some beauty rest before my @meaningfulbeauty shoot in Palm Springs tomorrow!

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Crawford posted the in-bed-pic to Instagram, as she is in Palm Springs for some sort of photo shoot thing.  A picture is worth a thousand words, but somehow, Us Weekly added 70 more:

The seasoned supermodel, 49, shared the no-filter image via Instagram from between her bed sheets, revealing her bare face that still looked flawless. “Getting some beauty rest before my @meaningfulbeauty shoot in Palm Springs tomorrow!” she wrote.

In the photo, the mother to Kaia and Preston Gerber rests her head on a pillow in a pink pajama set with her voluminous brunette tresses falling in loose curls around her face.

And that my friends, is the first time (and probably last time) “voluminous” appears in a Cactus Hugs article.

Have a good time in town, Cindy.  A few of us are getting tacos later, if you get bored.

UPDATE: Here is, what appears to be, Cindy and some models taking some pics poolside at Saguara (thanks to Francisco for sending)