Coachella Festival “Superspace” Available for $10,000 a Night on Craigslist

Coachella Music Festival
(via Flickr)

Sure Coachella is rad, but what are you supposed to do with your 45 friends at midnight when the music stops? Walk to the campground? Head to Del Taco? Get some sleep?

No need to do any of that, now you can keep the party going by renting this “Coachella Festival SUPERSPACE” on Craigslist.

coachella superspace
For only $10,500 a night you get:

  • 6000 Square Foot indoor party warehouse with 18 foot high ceilings
  • 2000 Square Foot outdoor party pavilion
  • Pool, jacuzzi and outdoor showers
  • Beds for 23 people (nice excuse to double-up I suppose)
  • 3 Sound rooms/areas for 3 separate party spaces
  • More than 10,000 watts amplification and booming speaker cabinets in all rooms (even the sleeping areas?)
  • Gated secure parking plus off site parking
  • 2 shuttle vans each holds 7 people
  • 3 Drivers on call 24/7 (for only 2 shuttle vans????)
  • Stainless full size Kitchen
  • 3 DJ’s on call 24/7 or bring/be your own DJ (thank God for an on-call DJ, you never know when you might have a dance emergency)
  • Noise till dawn not a problem – nothing stops unless you want it to (in Rancho Mirage???)
  • Lockers for each guest
  • Atmospheric Lighting and modern retro decor in all party, chill and living spaces
  • Steam room, Sauna and private showers
  • Blasting Air Conditioning

They are looking for only “good vibe and positive people” (and of course, lots and lots of cash that you do not have), so if you qualify – be sure to get that space reserved now. I mean when else will you have not 1, not 2, but 3 DJ’s on call?

Thanks to Mike H. for the news tip on this.