Cops: Woman Smuggled Gun into Jail in Her Privates

woman gun privates new mexico
A New Mexico woman is facing charges after authorities claim she brought a gun into a detention center and dumped it in a trash can in December.

On Dec. 16, Josephine McAllister, 34, was arrested on several charges, including larceny and brought to a detention center. She now faces additional charges after a gun was discovered that was believed to have been snuck into the facility by McAllister, as KOAT TV reports:

Officials said she smuggled a gun into the booking area and tried to throw it out in one of the bathrooms.

According to a criminal complaint, McAllister told investigators the gun was in her waistband, but the Bernalillo County deputy who interviewed her said he doubts that and believes the gun was likely in her private area.

Officer Simon Drobik said police did their best to make sure she wasn’t armed before entering the jail.

“We can only be so thorough, and that area is out of the question. We cannot search a body cavity,” said Drobik.

So did she sneak a gun into the facility in a body cavity?  Officials can not be positive, but since the incident, the jail now says that they are taking extra precautions.

“(We are) wanding people when they come to the back door, and making sure personnel is actually standing by at the restrooms, searching before and after the person comes out of the restrooms, just to ensure that no contraband was left there,” said Gonzales.

McAllister does not deny having the weapon and claims that said she didn’t let anyone know about the gun because she was afraid that she would get into more trouble.

She was right about that.