Could Star Wars Land be Coming to Disneyland?

The success of Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land combined with the company’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise could be leading to huge addition to Mickey Mouse and company’s theme park: Star Wars Land!

[adsanity id=11528 align=alignright /]The LA Times reports that Disney is indeed planning an expansion, but it it will be something included in Disneyland or California Adventure and not a 3rd amusement park:

According to longtime park watchers, Disney has developed plans, dating to 2000, to build a third park on a 78-acre site just south of Disney’s complex on Harbor Boulevard.

But those plans, Disney experts say, were shelved while the company focused on the 2001 opening of Disney California Adventure, which fell short of predictions until a $1-billion expansion in 2012 added the hugely successful Cars Land.

A Disneyland expansion is likely to feature Marvel superheros or “Star Wars” characters.

Disney purchased Marvel Entertainment Inc. in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012.

In addition to the LA Times report, Disney fans have seen survey questions from Disney asking how they would feel about a Star Wars land.

How would you feel about a Star Wars Land at Disneyland? How about a Marvel Land? Both perhaps?  Let me know in the comments.