Court Orders End to Indio Man’s Protest to Park Illegally in Fire Lanes

The family who has been picketing outside of Roosevelt Elementary School in Indio for over a week will not be protesting anymore.

Wednesday a judge issued a restraining order to Desert Sands Unified School District. The order requires that Farias stay 100 yards from the school and the principal – the same principal who started all of this by simply asking Frias not to park illegally in a fire lane.

“I’ll be here until I die or they fire him,” Frias told The Desert Sun last week.  But alas, neither of those turned out to be the case.

Student attendance reportedly dropped 10 percent after the protest began as parents worried about numerous painted barrels Frias was bringing with him to the protest – with students asking teachers if the barrels are going to explode.

And just to repeat, tall of this because someone had the nerve to tell Frias not to park illegally in a fire lane.