Craigslist: if your ass was hanging out of a onesie at Coachella, someone wants your number

onesie coachella love

Were you at Coachella this past weekend? Did you see Sia perform her amazing set? Were you wearing a onesie? Was your ass hanging out? If you answered yes to all of these questions, there is a certain someone who was very impressed and would like to meet you.

A Craigslist Missed Connections posting from this week gave the details – which is just so romantic!:

During the Sia performance u were wearing a onsie colored green and the ass flap was open and it was nice to see your ass out in the open , I’m sure u saw me looking but u kept facing your ass towards me . Hmu maybe we can exchange digits and see if we may be close to each other .

Coachella is definitely for lovers.