Video: There was a bonkers high speed pursuit in L.A. today

Someone led police on a crazy high speed pursuit through Los Angeles on Thursday that involved the driver doing doughnuts, a TMZ tour bus, and a wild ending where the driver handed out high fives for several minutes before cops arrived.

The chase, involving suspects driving a blue Ford Mustang convertible with the roof down, started in Cerritos, went through downtown Los Angeles, and then to Hollywood, reports the LA Times.

The driver pumped his fist throughout the chase and at times even drove on the wrong side of the road:

At one point the car was stopped by a TMZ tour bus:

Seriously, that actually happened!

Police tried spike strips – and failed:

Spectators cheered on the driver:

Police stopped pursuing the vehicle, which eventually pulled over with the driver and passenger getting high fives from a bunch of spectators for several minutes.

Police eventually showed up and the suspects were taken into custody.