Desert Hot Springs Carjacker Foiled By Badass Driver

Desert Hot Springs Carjacker

Living in Desert Hot Springs means you are going to have to put up with some shit. Lack of city funds, people stealing dead grandmothers, even snakes! But dealing with all that has made DHS residents tough. The Desert Sun reports:

Elijah Long was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, attempted carjacking and for being a felon in possession of ammunition, said sheriff’s Sgt. Aaron Eller.

Investigators learned that Long flagged down a passing motorist and attempted to take the vehicle at gunpoint, according to sheriff’s officials.

Long opened the victim’s car door and demanded the car but the driver refused to give in, Eller said.

“Oh, so you want my car and you have a gun, ummmm….

The driver refused to give in…even at gunpoint!!! That is badass. Long (below) did allegedly grab some of the victim’s property and ran – but he was arrested a short time later.


Desert Hot Springs Carjacker

Your city has gone through some shit Desert Hot Springs residents, but that has made you all badasses!

(mugshot via Riverside County Sheriff’s Department)