Desert X, a collection of cool art installations from Whitewater to Coachella and a weird blue body thing at Sunnylands, could have a round two in 2019.

As The Desert Sun reports, the founder and president of Desert X, Susan Davis, told founding members of the event that fundraising will begin shortly for a second run.

“The board looked at what I call the evidence, which is the huge amount of publicity and good reviews,” Davis told the newspaper. “We’re on track to have more than 100,000 visitors, and we’re on budget. The board looked at everything and realized that it would be crazy for us not to try to do this again.”

(Desert X)

The event is looking to raise 3 million dollars – which makes sense, as installing bomb shelters, mirror houses, and a hole to the center of the earth isn’t cheap.

If all goes according to plan, Desert X Part 2 would begin in February of 2017.

(Desert X)

The current run of Desert X through April 30.