Discover different way to vacation by swapping your house on HomeExchange

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Going on vacation is rad! Paying the high prices for a hotel or short-term rental, not so amazing. Luckily, there’s another way to get away: by swapping homes with one of 65,000 active members on HomeExchange.

Yes, with HomeExchange, you simply swap your house, apartment, timeshare, treeehouse, yacht, or whatever with someone else. Some members even exchange cars! You can exchange as many times as you want, with no hidden fees – just an annual membership of about $150, or the cost of about one night at a decent hotel room.

With HomeExchange, you can setup a “simultaneous exchange” where you stay at each others residence. You can also stay at a home-swapper’s 2nd house or vacation home (a “non-simultaneous exchange”). The third option is to stay as a guest while the other party stays in the house (a “hospitality exchange”).

Now, while having someone you don’t know stay at your house while you are away might seem odd at first, HomeExchange provides members a trusted partnership, dedicated global support, affordability, flexibility, and convenient online tools.

You can sign up and learn more here.