Disneyland Linked to 9 Cases of Measles

By: Thank you for visiting my page.
By: Thank you for visiting my page.

Nine people who visited Disneyland in December have been confirmed to be infected with measles, with three more unconfirmed cases.

Seven cases are California residents and two from Utah. Those infected range in age from 8-months to 21-years old according to the California Department of Public Health – with the in-state persons residing in Alameda, Orange, Pasadena, Riverside, and San Diego counties.

The nine are all known to have visited Disneyland or California Adventure between December 15 and December 20, 2014 and while authorities have not announced a source, NBC 4 claims it was likely another park visitor.

Measles has been all but eliminated in the United States due to vaccinations, but Disneyland is a tourist destination for international visitors from countries where the disease remains an epidemic.

Of California’s seven residents confirmed to be infected, six were not vaccinated (including two children who were too young for the vaccine).

Both Utah cases were not vaccinated.