This Drought Shamer Shows Everything Wrong With Drought Shaming

drought shamer

California is in a terrible drought – and while the state is lacking adequate (or pretty much any) water, it is far from lacking in drought shamers.

If you are unfamiliar with drought shamers, they are typically found on social media calling everyone out for water usage – most likely after they finish up 36 holes on a luscious golf course followed by time in the pool and a 45-minute-long shower.

One drought shamer has had it with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and all of the “celebrities dumping buckets of water on their heads”.  So, he replaces the bucket of water with confetti because it is “California Friendly”.  Which is fine and all, but if he really was concerned about water usage, than he might want to do something about:

  • the fountain (or maybe pool?) that can be heard off camera
  • the nicely landscaped yard
  • his green lawn that has not been replaced with desert landscaping
  • whatever he is doing with that hose